Marcus Flacks
Custodians of the Scholar’s Way [Limited Edition]

Chinese Scholars’ Objects in Precious Woods

In this major study of classical Chinese scholars’ objects, Marcus Flacks continues his explorations into the great traditions of Chinese artisanal art. Custodians of the Scholar’s Way is the third part of a triptych, preceded by Classical Chinese Furniture and Contemplating Rocks.

Learned and accessible, this lush publication examines and contextualizes more than 200 masterpieces in wood, all forming part of the classical Chinese scholar’s studio. This wondrous collection of objects is embedded within the vivid and enchanting context of the classical Chinese scholar’s studio, creating thereby a book that is both a history and a spatial geography of a great tradition.

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  • 490 pages
  • Over 300 colour and b/w images
  • 315 x 260mm
  • ISBN 978-1-909631-04-5
  • Publication date: 2014
  • Boxed, numbered and signed
    Otabound softback

  • Limited edition (boxed,numbered
    and signed)
    £ 650