Rasika is an imprint of Sylph Editions dedicated to the appreciation of aesthetic culture in all its manifestations, past and present, near and far, with an emphasis on Asia.

Based in London, Sylph Editions publish fiction, monographs, theoretical essays, limited-edition art and photography books, and different forms of experimental writing. The publications are presented either as individual books or as ongoing series. The emphasis is on works in which image and text coexist as if one, supporting and reinforcing one another. Every work is meticulously produced and curated by us, from the early stages through to typography, design, editing and finally printing and binding. We take pride in giving equal care to content and form.

Sylph Editions is also an independent art and design studio that handles all forms of print design with a special emphasis on books. Based in London, we work both locally and internationally on a variety of projects.

Our publications are available online, through this website, and at selected retailers listed on our contacts page.

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+44 (0)207 625 3223