RASIKA is an imprint of Sylph Editions dedicated to he appreciation of aesthetic culture in all its manifestations, past and present, near and far, with an emphasis on Asia.


The first Rasika publication was a landmark survey of classical Chinese furniture by Marcus Flacks, published in a lavish limited edition of 300 books, now followed by a commercial edition and a Chinese translation, published in China.


A new sumptuous limited edition exploring the world of Chinese scholars’ rocks and rock collecting. Presented alongside detailed reproductions of a variety of scholars’ rocks accompanied by background history, and discourses including contributions from Robert D. Mowry and other leading collectors and artists.


Classical Chinese Furniture | Marcus Flacks

Contemplating Rocks | Marcus Flacks

Fourteen Shang bronzes collected over the years by Daniel Shapiro are presented from a personal perspective and discussed by Robert D. Jacobsen, Thomas Lawton and Robert D. Mowry – three top scholars in the Chinese art field.

Ancient Chinese Bronzes | Daniel Shapiro

Learned and accessible, this lush publication examines and contextualizes more than 200 masterpieces in wood, all forming part of the classical Chinese scholar’s studio.

LAST REMAINING COPIES of the limited edition

Custodians of the Scholar's Way | Marcus Flacks

Forthcoming in March 2017, Crags and Ravines Make a Marvellous View will be published as a luxuriant book that celebrates the exquisite beauty and cultural significance of a 17th-century scroll depicting ten views of a scholar's rock.

Crags and Ravines Make a Marvellous View | Edited by Marcus Flacks


This innovative study explores a long-overlooked genre of classical Chinese furniture from the Weiyang region. Readers are treated to an in-depth historical overview and a passionate examination of the furniture itself, which appeals as much to contemporary taste as it once did to Chinese emperors, scholars and merchants.

Classical Chinese Furniture from Weiyang | Zhang Jinhua